MIXED BOY (2019)

Director | Producer | Editor | Sound Mix

Two men discuss racial stereotypes, identity and brotherhood in this short scene study. Co-production with AJTV.


Director | Writer | Producer | Composer | Sound Mix/Design

  • 2019 Official Selection - Los Angeles Short Film & Script Festival

  • 2019 Official Selection - The Lift-Off Sessions

A woman walks through the tangible spaces of her memories, experiencing happiness and heartbreak at once as she revisits the moments in her relationship where trust fell apart in this light-twisting and time-bending short film.


Director | Writer | Producer

An eccentric hypnotherapist dives into the repressed memories of her patients to uncover a mystery that ties them all together. Created for the Four Points Film Project 2018 competition.

Confessions from a Picnic in Griffith Park (2018)

Director | Actor | Writer | Producer

  • 2019 Official Selection - Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival

Two friends reflect on childhood birthdays, missed opportunities and growing up alone at a picnic in this comedic scene study.


Director | Writer | Producer

  • 2019 Official Selection - An Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest

Mysterious forces of light and static force a man to the streets where he drives through an endless night. Created for the My RØDE Reel 2018 competition.


Director | Writer | Editor | Producer

  • 2018 Official Selection - Indie Best Films Festival (Ibestff)

  • 2018 Official Selection - July Edition - Miami Independent Film Festival

Unceremoniously fired from his job, Michael Anthony Dixon (that's Mr. Dixon to you) avoids calling his mom in this short comedy by going off on the one thing that is really grinding his gears - a slice of bread.


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Director | Writer | Producer

The doubt of one man's belief in what he can see leads to a revelation that shakes his existence. Created for the My RØDE Reel 2017 competition.

Director | Writer | Editor | Producer

  • 2017 Diamond Award Winner for Best Short Film - Mindfield Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - Hudson Hudson Valley Drive-INternational Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - The Hub Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - Mosaic World Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - September Edition - Miami Independent Film Festival

A former jock spends the day of his step-father's funeral eulogizing his childhood pets, dragging his sister along to relive some memorable stories in this short film.

Director | Writer | Editor | Producer

  • 2018 Finalist - Grand IndieWise Convention
  • 2017 Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest
  • 2017 Semi-Finalist - Hollywood Screenings Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - ACME Film Nights
  • 2016 Official Selection - Double Image Film Festival
  • 2016 Official Selection - IndieWise Virtual Festival

When her best friend lands a hot date despite her urging to settle, JoJo jumps at the chance to live out her part in the rom com of life, but ends up in a different role than the one she believes she fits into in this short comedy.

Executive Producer | Editor

  • 2016 Judge's Choice/Official Selection - Double Image Film Festival
  • 2016 Official Selection - East Lansing Film Festival

A mysterious woman lets Dave live out the years of his past, but things turn sour when his choices are reset with each New Year in this short drama based on "Happy Old Year" by Tim Pratt.

Director | Writer | Producer | Editor

The arrival of a new superhero in town leads to a misunderstanding between two coworkers. Created for the My RØDE Reel 2016 competition.

Producer | Director | Post-Production Supervisor | Editor

  • 2015 Official Selection - Traverse City Film Festival
  • 2015 Official Selection - East Lansing Film Festival

Post-modern storytelling interlocks the lives of six groups of young adults as they try to navigate life and relationships in the Metro Detroit Area in this feature-length production.

Production Manager | Post-Production Supervisor

  • 2015 Official Selection - Traverse City Film Festival
  • 2015 Official Selection - YES Film Festival
  • 2016 Official Selection - Ozark Shorts

After missing out on a promotion, chef Oliver Jenkins discovers his estranged grandfather willed him a hotel where he meets an eclectic group of personalities who change his perspective on life. Torn by his career ambitions and dedication to his new family, Oliver must decide where his loyalties lie in this short film.

Mobile Unit Producer

The top-rated indoor rodeo for four years running, this sports broadcast covers the events and stories of the MSU Rodeo Club and beyond during this high-octane competition.



Editor | Director


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Producer | Director | Editor

Oversaw and coordinated production of MSU's online educational content now available on Coursera. Produced Fall 2015 - Spring 2016.

Writer | Director

Producer | Director | Writer | Editor

15 episodes (2013-15) including winners of 2015 Albie Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Sound

  • Big Ten Network's "The Journey" - Production Assistant (Oct. 2015)
  • Spartan Football All-Access - Production/Post Assistant (2012-2014)
  • Spartan Hockey All-Access - Post-Production Assistant (2012)

Spotter for talent and/or graphics department on over 50 Michigan State University Athletics event broadcasts between 2012-2015, including football, men's basketball, hockey and the Big Ten Gymnastics Championships, airing on the Big Ten Network, Fox and ESPN. Also served as time out coordinator for select hockey and wrestling matches.

  • "Keep Coming Back" Traverse City Film Festival Bumper - Director/Editor
    • Honorable Mention TCFF 2016 Bumper Contest
  • CATA "Don't Be a Bushole" 2016 Campaign

  • Reservations Premiere (April 2015) - Emcee
  • 4th Annual Albie Awards Ceremony (April 2015) - Presenter/Musical Performer/Writer
  • Spartan Standup Showcase (Feb. 2015) - Featured Standup Performer
  • Laughter is the Cure to Life (Feb. 2015) - Camera Operator
  • Shrek! The Musical (Spring 2014) - Lead Pianist, Okemos High School Production
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Spring 2013) - Lead Pianist, Okemos High School Production

Brock has also been a paid pianist since 2012, including as an accompanist for dozens of students at Solo & Ensemble, competitions and recitals and for choirs and vocalists in a variety of settings.

"Inklings" (Dec. 2014) - Minicomic, housed at the world's largest collection of comics at the MSU library.

14 Feature Articles for MSU Athletics published in game day magazines and online at on student-athletes competing in football, basketball, soccer and others of the 23 variety sports at Michigan State.

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