We're Gathered Here

A former jock spends the day of his step-father's funeral eulogizing his childhood pets, dragging his sister along to relive some memorable stories.

The Film

  • 2017 Diamond Award Winner for Best Short Film - Mindfield Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - Hudson Hudson Valley Drive-INternational Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - The Hub Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - Mosaic World Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - September Edition - Miami Independent Film Festival

My Story Behind the Story

This past year, I lost both of my grandfathers within a week of each other. Each experience was unique, one was a long-time coming after a battle with cancer, the other was much more sudden. This film is dedicated to them, and dedicated to how everyone deals with grief in their own way.

She doesn't speak much in this film, but to me, Allison is the character I most identify with in translating these experiences to the screen. She is devastated by the death of her father, as evidenced in her first appearance in the film, but she loves her brother so much that she puts her own needs aside to allow him to deal with his grief.

To me, this film deals in the honesty that some of the most powerful tools in mourning are simple, silent moments, the memories of your loved ones with all of their flaws and a sense of humor.

For a profile on the making of this film, check out this Q&A from the Mosaic World Film Festival.

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