When her best friend lands a hot date despite her urging to settle, JoJo jumps at the chance to live out her part in the rom com of life, but ends up in a different role than the one she believes she fits into.


  • 2018 Finalist - Grand IndieWise Convention
  • 2017 Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest
  • 2017 Semi-Finalist - Hollywood Screenings Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection - ACME Film Nights
  • 2016 Official Selection - Double Image Film Festival
  • 2016 Official Selection - IndieWise Virtual Festival


During one of the winter months, I felt creatively out of sync and in need of a refresh. Running on empty, I started with this premise: a rom com where the best friend gets the guy.

Out of this, I created JoJo, a character brought to life by the performance of Jenise Cook, who exceeded all of my expectations. JoJo meets every stereotype of the romantic comedy, and in her cynicism, she fails to see that she is in fact a part of one, just not in the role she believes she fits into.

One major thing that was important to me was that the two female leads choose friendship over the guy. Too many times, lifelong friends go guy crazy in rom coms and lose sight of their characters' basic given circumstances and objectives. That's why I chose to end the film, not with the best friend winning the guy, but with the moral victory of the two female friends being excited for one another, being interested in their lives and choices and perspectives.

But most of all, I hope that people watch this simple little film and laugh.

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