Showfriends LA

The ShowFriends are a creative collaboration who have banded together to create, debate and generate original comedy content which delivers a satirical examination of key social issues, often poking fun at the entertainment industry itself.


The very first creative/freelancing work I did when I first moved to Los Angeles was editing for the ShowFriends during 2016-2017. Fellow MSU Alum Jeff Witzke was kind enough to invite me to edit for their group and they were generous enough to allow me to continue as long as I was willing and able. Jeff, Michael, Tammy and Laura were great creative collaborators and were always so appreciative of my time.

Each of these sketches were featured on the front page of Funny or Die, including during the 2016 Presidential campaign, the 2017 Oscars and the release of The Last Jedi. MasterClass was also honored with an official selection at 2018 Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival.