A Meditation on the Utility of Customer Service

Unceremoniously fired from his job, Michael Anthony Dixon (that's Mr. Dixon to you) avoids calling his mom by going off on the one thing that is really grinding his gears - a slice of bread.


  • 2018 Official Selection - Indie Best Films Festival (Ibestff)

  • 2018 Official Selection - July Edition - Miami Independent Film Festival

This short film is currently unavailable to the public as it is in it's festival circuit. If you are interested in screening this, please use the contact page.


There are some points in life where you feel so low that for even just a hint of relief, we seek out the kindness of a stranger. When I have felt that way I usually go to Target and even if I just get one thing, I go to a cashier rather than the self-checkout just so I can exchange a hello with someone.

This film makes light of that moment, using a breadth of bread material that I did not know I had pent up. For me, this film was a chance to exercise some underutilized muscles, by getting behind the camera and doing the entirety of the production myself.

Underscored by music you very well might hear while on hold with customer service, AJ Troup brings to life the relentless Michael Anthony Dixon, who has tactic after tactic ready to do anything but call his mother. 

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