About Mellow Valley Media

Mellow Valley Media is an independent filmmaking company centered around strong creative storytelling and the passionate pursuit of the fine arts, especially in the community. MVM and its divisions will strive to create high-quality, compelling video content for a variety of platforms and purposes including commercial, broadcast, web and theatrical.

Mellow Valley Media is currently divided into two parts: Mellow Valley Pictures, which will be handling the cinematic, theatrical, dramatic narrative and long-form projects, and Sweet Tea & Chicken Fingers Productions, which will be handling commercial, music video, web, short-form and serialized content.

Mellow Valley Media, and by extension Mellow Valley Pictures, takes its name from a small town in Alabama that much of my family hails from. It reminds me of strong familial ties, a long history steeped in americana, memories of the rich oral story-telling tradition and a simpler, more meaningful way of life. Sweet Tea & Chicken Fingers are the foods that sustain me on a daily basis and provide comfort and good times when people gather around them.